Book The Absurd Corporate Comedian


“Who books that place?” This is a question many comedians ask when they hear of a place having regular comedy shows. So if you want to book the best corporate entertainment, know that all comedians want to know you.

Do you want to book a comedian for just one event? Then you are best to either find one (or more) yourself or deal with a reputable booking agency. For booking a comedian, it’s best to go with an agency that specializes in comedy rather than a general entertainment booking agency.

Unless you have a huge budget and need to draw a lot of people, you don’t need to book a comedian that’s well know in order to have a successful event. There are a lot of competent comedians living near all major cities that you’ve never heard of and can be had for reasonable fees.

Another approach would rather than book one comedian, book several clean corporate comedians and entertainer with each doing about 10 minutes each. There are even more comedian event entertainer(s) that have a solid 10 minutes but no more. Put together a show with 8 -10 of them and you have quite a buffet of comedy styles in one shot. If this idea interests you, it’s good if you know a comedian that can arrange this or visit a local comedy club on a showcase night. Somebody at the club should be able to help you with this.

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